Meet The Cat Lady

Elle and Toby

My name is Elle Maney, aka The Cat Lady! I’m so excited to be able to share my passion for cats through helping take care of yours! Originally from Pennsylvania, I moved to Los Angeles in 2012 after graduating from Penn State University. My two passions are theatre and animals, and I’m currently auditioning for film and tv while simultaneously playing my main role as The Cat Lady. I’ve been pet sitting since high school, but I began to do so professionally since moving to LA. At the start of my professional career, I worked for other pet sitting companies and had an amazing experience. Because of that, I decided to start my own company in September 2014 – The Cat Lady, LLC. My own cats are like my children – they are my family! I can’t wait to make yours a part of my extended family!! Check out the pictures below if you are interested in meeting my kitty babies!

TobyToby aka “Friend”

I found Toby when I first came to LA. This big orange cat followed me up the sidewalk when I was walking to my car and I noticed he was ear tipped (trapped-neutered-returned). He was also filthy and covered in fleas. He just kept staring up at me and rubbing against my legs – so cute. What’s a Cat Lady to do? I caved and scooped him right up! When I took him to the vet, we found out he is FIV+ and around 10 years old. He also had to get all of his teeth removed due to a severe infection. Healthy now, he is the biggest love-bug cat of all and I’m so happy he found me!!

Katniss Katniss

Another ear-tipped kitty, my Katniss definitely won the hunger games! Based on her affectionate personality, you would never know I found her on the streets in Pennsylvania. She walked into my chiropractor office and wouldn’t leave. I thought I saw her on a “lost” sign in my neighborhood, but it turned out not to be her. So, I was “stuck” with her! Katniss has been overly “fluffy” since I found her, but she is currently on a weight loss plan. It’s very difficult, but she’s trying her best! Follow my beauty cat on Instagram @KatnissTheStray.


Jack3I’ve had Jack since he was only a month old! A friend of mine found him on her back porch in the winter- I saw his face and couldn’t resist. Jack is the baby in our house and craves a lot of attention. He sleeps next to my pillow every night and is the first thing I see when I wake up in the morning. Jack likes to think he’s a lot bigger and meaner than he actually is, he’s a big softy when it comes to his mom!


Tigger has been with me since I was still in elementary school! She is almost 20 years old! That’s darn good for a cat. Tigger is just the sweetest and you can hear her purring rooms away. She’s had her share of health issues, but so far she has stayed strong! Her big “owl eyes” always make me smile. Love you Tiggy!


Rainbow Bridge 


Rose was my gorgeous little girl. I found her right around the time I found Jack. She was very sick and only lived to be 3 years old, but she filled my life with so much joy, I can’t imagine never having her. I hope I was able to do the same for her! Jack and I both miss Rosie very much, as the both of them grew up together and were the best cat friends I’ve ever seen!


Licorice introduced me to my love for cats! She was my first baby, and lived to the age of 18. I still can remember seeing her for the first time in the pet store window (you don’t see those around too much anymore, thank heavens!). She was an elegant queen who ruled the house. I can also thank Licorice for my attachment to tortoiseshell cats, I have such a soft spot for them!



Over the years, I’ve found a few animals that had lost their way or needed some help. I wish I could keep them all, but finding them a good home is the next best thing. I still miss them and would like to recognize them here as they made an impact on my life. Please remember to always adopt; there are so many animals in shelters that need your help! I hope you have found happiness in your new homes little ones!