Cat Client Feature

Hello Cat Lovers!

So I’d like to start a monthly post called “Cat Client Feature!” That will give you all a chance to meet some of my clients and indulge in their cuteness!! One of the biggest perks of being a professional cat sitter is that you get to meet and play with cats all of the time! Two of my absolute favorite kitties (let’s be real, they are all my favorites) are Arizona and Sweetie.

Arizona and Sweetie live in Burbank with their mom Veronica and their second mom Dana. When Veronica found Arizona, he was very weak and suffering from many medical issues. Luckily, her love and care brought him back to health and I’m lucky enough to be given the opportunity to take care of him when she is out of town! Most recently, Arizona has been diagnosed with asthma and he uses an inhaler. He also gets sub-q fluids and he does so well receiving both of these treatments. Arizona will usually be there to greet you as soon as you walk in the door and is always ready to sit on your lap if you’ll have him.IMG_0339


Sweetie is just the cutest little thing. She LOVES wet food and can usually be found snoozing on the bed. She will also cry out to greet you when she sees you, she has a very delicate meow!



Both of these kitties are a joy to watch and I look forward to taking care of them every time they need me! Being a cat sitter in Los Angeles is a good life, especially when the cats you take care of are as adorable as Arizona and Sweetie!!

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