As a cat parent myself, I became frustrated by all of the wonderful sitters I found that specialized in dog care, but not cats. I wanted and needed someone who had an extensive history with cats and who LOVES cats as much as I do. Pet hotels and boarding were not an option, as my cats (like many cats) get stressed when they have to leave the house. That’s why I started The Cat Lady, LLC. To provide in-home care to all of you who, like me, want the best for your cats when you cannot be there with them.

Cats are such a passion of mine; I feel such a strong connection to them. I’ve cared for bottle-fed kittens, geriatric cats, cats that don’t want to be touched or held, cats that need almost constant attention and affection, cats with asthma, IBD, cancer, kidney failure, anxiety, pancreatitis, skin infections, and the list goes on. I feel 100% confident that I am the best sitter for your cats; I take this job very seriously and will always do my best to care for you cats as if they were my own. The Cat Lady has no employees and I pride myself on that. If you hire The Cat Lady, you will get The Cat Lady.

But What if i have dogs?

I love dogs! And I will happily care for yours if you desire. However, although I do have quite a bit of experience in dog care, my expertise is with felines, so please keep that in mind when you are making your decision. I can always recommend some amazing dog care professionals if you decide to go with someone else. If you do decide to choose my service, the same rates will apply to both dogs and cats. It’s recommend that you use my service if you have a sick or elderly cat as well as dogs, as the cat will need more specialized care.